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JCONNECT RPO specializes in helping high-growth and middle-market companies create a world-class recruitment function through our various RPO services. Our RPO team works seamlessly within your HR management structure whether you choose our enterprise recruitment process outsourcing, project RPO or on-demand recruitment services.

Jconnect RPO’s specialty recruitment process outsourcing services:

We deliver an end-to-end solution for companies requiring either full enterprise outsourcing or just specific supplemental recruitment needs. Our end-to-end RPO recruitment engagement model is flexible, adapting to the challenges of your specific organization. With end-to-end recruitment, Jconnect Infotech solely manages the entire recruitment process from start to finish. Whether you need full global or multi-regional outsourcing– whatever your talent acquisition challenge – we can help.

A Focus on Care

At Jconnect Infotech , we care about everyone involved in the recruitment process from candidates through to hiring manager. We strive to make the process easy and effective, keeping both hiring manager and candidates informed and engaged along the way.

Hiring Manager Care

Hiring manager satisfaction is a big part of how we measure success and absolutely necessary to a positive outcome. Woven through all of our services is our unwavering commitment to ensuring the hiring manager is informed and engaged throughout the entire recruitment process. We host a hiring manager intake session to discuss the position(s) in detail, level-set on expectations, and review the recruitment process and his or her role in it, addressing any questions or concerns. We then begin building the job profile and make sure the hiring manager approves it before we get started. Additionally, we can provide hiring managers with interview skills training an also applicant tracking system instruction. After each candidate interview, Jconnect Infotech will meet with the hiring manager to debrief and discuss anything he or she would like to improve.

Full Enterprise, Division or Function or Special Projects An end-to-end solutions menu that can be tailored to your needs

We provide the business expertise and resources – long-term or project-based – to help you acquire the talent that enables you to meet your business goals. We deliver any or all of the following services:

Demand planning – Need to get a handle on the patterns and flow of talent demand in your organization? We bring the expertise and analytic skills to create accurate and reliable talent forecasts. We map your talent projections on a calendar to help you determine where the heavier workloads will occur. Among the data points we assess are revenue forecasts, inventory levels and past peaks and troughs in talent demand. Our goal is to help you design a recruitment plan that aligns to your timeline and business cycles.

Talent Research – To help launch a talent search for an individual or group of roles, we work with you to define lists of target companies from which passive candidates can be sourced. We also map, identify and profile potential candidates to gain agreement among all key stakeholders as to the specific profile to be targeted.

Sourcing & Engagement – Utilizing both active and passive sourcing techniques, we contact the most attractive candidates to discuss the role and gauge their interest. Our goal is to produce a solid pool of candidates qualified for the target position or group of positions, and then you choose the best from among the best.

At Jconnect Infotech we value the “human touch” element of recruitment. As such, we don’t just fill the current vacancies and then create the process all over again when a new need arises. On the contrary – after the offer is delivered and accepted by the winning candidate – we keep in touch with high-potential, runner-up candidates, thereby creating a talent community from which to draw for future hires. We keep them informed about what’s happening with your company through regular communication. In this way, we can fill your next role quickly, saving on both time and cost.

Screening & Selection – Make the most intelligent decisions about the candidates you need to consider. We start with a set of key criteria – which we vet and validate with you – to clearly define and prioritize the most important selection measures. Typically, we identify personal characteristics or character traits; business and technical skill sets; relevant experience; desired educational level; and desirable accomplishments. Setting specific standards enables us to instill discipline into the review process and to assure that diversity candidates are included in process. Ultimately, we pare down the list of likely individuals, enabling your interview team members to focus their time on the final contenders.

Source-to-Slate – To bring even more efficiency into your talent search process, we are able to package our “Sourcing and Engagement” and “Screen/Select” services into one offering. We begin by building a strong talent pool that meets your selection criteria, contacting each individual, reviewing resumes against the job specification(s), interviewing candidates and selecting the top 3-4 for your interviewing and vetting process.

Candidate Care – Quality candidates seek world-class organizations. That is why it is imperative to carefully plan and oversee the process through which potential employees come into contact with and experience your organization. Candidates become ambassadors for your company during the hiring process, and it is essential that their experience is positive and that communication to them is efficient, methodical and timely. At Jconnect Infotech , we oversee the entire candidate care process, and we see to it that your potential hires are well-informed, that your employer brand is presented accurately and consistently and that the candidate’s experience is as positive as possible.

Reference & Background Checks – In the final stages of a search and as an individual becomes a favored candidate, properly handling of reference and background checks is critical. We provide the resources and procedures for these sensitive processes, ensuring that they are completed sensitively and in line with compliance requirements.

Negotiation & Placement – We have had the good fortune of negotiating with and placing many outstanding candidates. We’ll handle the complete process for you — from negotiations, offer letters to first day arrangement – to make sure you get your candidate of choice.

Onboarding – A positive onboarding experience leads to a more productive employee. After you’ve made your decision, getting your new hire engaged is the primary focus. We coordinate and oversee all onboarding details from documentation to orientation to technology, assuring that your new employee makes a smooth transition into your organization.

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